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 Welcome to the English version of the website from the Stomaatje Foundation! Because we have had many reactions from foreign countries that it was a pity the website was only in Dutch, we have now translated many pages into English! On this website you will find all sorts of information about stomas, from the history of a stoma to sexuality and pregnancy, sport and clothing.

Eliene started the website in July 2004, just after she had
been operated and got
her first stoma. She started the website because at that time she could find very little information about stomas on the internet. It started as a simple website with advertising and without it's own domain, and has grown into a smoothly functioning foundation with many good ideas. With this website we hope to give the stoma a positive boost.




This website is a translation of the Dutch version. For people
who can't read Dutch we offer the possibility to see the website Stomaatje.nl in the English version. We don't consider to start
an organization in foreign countries, we only want to offer the translation of our website Stomaatje.nl. Do you want to have contact with other people with a stoma, our forum is only in
Dutch, so search on the web for an English forum .

If you want to have contact feel free to send us a mail, but consider our mother language is Dutch, so an answer can take a while. We would also appreciate if you left a message in the guestbook to let us know what you think about this site.


December 2009
A new page! Medicines, vitamines & minerals.

February 2009
Addition to Other techniques and stomas, Who we are, Nutrition, Causes and to Operation & recover.

December 2009

Addition to Other techniques and stomas and to Operation & recover.

June 2009

The website Stomaatje.com online!!

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Thanks Heather, Kim and Anna M., and specially Bobbie for your help with the translations!!






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