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Index all about stoma's


Stoma bags

On this page you will find other information about the various sorts of stoma bags, which bag you use with which stoma and how best to store the bags.


Stoma care

Here you find everything to do with caring for your stoma. From shaving around the stoma to the daily care.


Discomfort and needs

On this page are all sorts of various inconveniences that occur with a stoma, with the attending aid/solution.



Everything about diet including a handy list which you can use as a practical advisor.


On this page you find everything about clothing with a stoma: adjusting trousers, swimsuits, stoma band, and stoma covers etc.


Sport and recreation

Here you find everything about sport and relaxation: swimming, sports, sauna and saddle pain.



All sorts of tips for going on holiday, from your medication and diet to the aeroplane and camp sites.




Relationships, sexuality and pregnancy

Here you find everything in the area of relationships, sexuality, contraception and pregnancy with a stoma.


Belly exercise

On this page you find stomach muscles exercises for people with a stoma, and attending tips.


Irrigation with a stoma

Rinsing of the rectum stump, of the large intestine with a double ended stoma, and by a Malone stoma/ceco-appendiceal stoma.


Stoma and tiredness

Here you find everything about the fatigue that can occur with a stoma.


Stoma with an extra handicap

Here you find information about having a stoma with another handicap, such as a poor hand function, poor sight and wheelchairs.


Page for friends and family

This page is especially for friends and family of people with stomas.



All sorts of fun things related to stomas, such as what name you have given your stoma and fun names for your bag.



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