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On this page you find all sorts of stomachs with their various scars. Do you also want to put your stomach on this page? Then send a sharp picture of your stomach (preferably not too soon after the operation so that you can see the final result) to us and explain which surgery you have undergone so that we can place it under the photo. It should be a photo of minimum 300 x 225 pixels







Laparoscopic large colon removal

Laparoscopic double ended ileostomy formation


Laparoscopic large colon removal

Laparoscopic double ended ileostomy formation


Laparoscopic removal large colon and rectum

Laparoscopic large colon removal

Not laparoscopic


Rectum removal and urethras moved

Piece small and large intestine removed, left has a temporary ileostomy placement.


Feeding catheter inserted

Temporary colostomy formed (since removed), ileostomy and large intestine removed laparoscopically


Operations on womb

Many operations, including large intestine removal and formation of ileostomy


Large intestine removed

Large intestine and rectum removed, continent stoma formed and removed


Rectum removed

Many stomach operations, including formation and removal of a continent urine stoma


All sorts of operations in the area of urine incontinence, finally urostomy formed

Rectum removed


Urostomy formed

Many stomach operations, including a urostomy and a colostomy formation


Left above was a permanent ileostomy, underneath a mucus fistula and right a double looped stoma. Half of the large intestine, the gall bladder and a part of the liver have been removed.

Large intestine removed


5 operations, abdominal adhesions causing the stomach to remain open for a while, left colostomy and right mucus fistula.




Leakage of the seam with peritonitis causing severe inflammation of the stomach, meaning it should remain open, and stoma corrected

Result of the left abdomen after correction


Belly fracture





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