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Welcome to the website of the Stomaatje Foundation.
This website is intended to provide complementary information about everything to do
with a stoma in addition to that provided by the doctor and stoma nurse. Every care
has been taken to check the contents of this website.




Copyright and content

The layout and all texts, images, scripts and other items on this site are protected by copyright. Any copies, amendments, translations, adaptations or changes of this site or any part of this site, in any shape or form whatsoever, are strictly prohibited, unless the Stomaatje Foundation has given prior written agreement.

Some of the information on this site is covered by third party copyright. This concerns photos and pictures, certain information and personal stories. It is explicitly indicated in all these cases. Should anyone have
been overlooked we would it appreciate it if you could contact us.



The Stomaatje Foundation pays the utmost care and attention to the accuracy and up to date nature of the information provided. However, inaccuracies and incomplete information can still occur. The Stomaatje Foundation cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage of any kind whatsoever which arises from or has any connection with the use of the information provided by the Stomaatje.com site.

The information on the site is regularly updated and/or amended. The Stomaatje foundation maintains
the right to make any changes immediately and without prior notification.

The information provided cannot be considered a replacement for professional consultation or treatment
but is only a source of general information. Visitors are advised never to put off asking for professional
help on the basis of (online) information. This site does not provide medical advice. If you have any
health problems then we would advise you to contact your GP or stoma nurse.


External links

In the information provided by Stomaatje.com there are sometimes links to websites of third parties.
These hyperlinks are exclusively intended to provide visitors to our website with a wide range of information. We are extremely careful in our selection of links to other websites but have no responsibility whatsoever
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The Stomaatje Foundation is only too happy to receive any ideas or information which can improve the website. The Stomaatje team is doing itís very best to avoid any errors or shortcomings. Nevertheless,
it is inevitable that here and there errors will creep in. With your help we will be able to track them
down more quickly.





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