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Index stoma in general


What is a stoma?

A clear description of what a stoma actually is and which various types there are, including nice photographs and clear illustrations.


Stomaatje wall

On this page you will find all sorts of stoma, you can also send in your own stoma photograph.


Belly wall

Just like the stoma wall but for stomachs.


 The history of the stoma

Here you can read how the stoma first began, herewith we even go back to the time before Christ. You can also read about the history of the stoma materials.


Other techniques and stomas

On this page is a collection of different sorts of stomas and techniques, primarily in the intestinal and urinary area.


Operation and recover

Everything about operations and the reversal thereof, complete with personal stories from stoma patients.


Children and babies with a stoma

On this page you can find information about children and babies with a stoma.





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