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Stichting Stomaatje is a non-profit organisation. Because a foundation has no members, we totally
on donations, gifts and sponsoring. Donít feel obligated to support us. Please do if you can afford it and find us important enough to exist. Would you like to support us? There are various ways to do
this and we have listed them for you below:


Support Stomaatje and make a small gift!


Make a donation!

We are looking either for people who want to make a one-off donation or people who would like to
contribute on a regular annual basis. People who support us are known as friends of Stomaatje. With every donation or contribution, however small, you are helping the Stomaatje foundation to continue its work.
Look at the contact page for all our details. If you have already donated or contributed, your name will
appear in the list of friends.

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We are looking for sponsors!

By sponsors we mean people or businesses who can provide us either with a yearly cash sum or a service
in kind. All sponsorship is rewarded in some way, for example, by the inclusion of your company name
and logo
on our website. Send us an email email if you are considering becoming a sponsor to hear the possibilities!


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Place a banner!

Do you have a website?

Enable your visitors to get to know Stomaatje.com by placing a banner on your website.

We would appreciate it if you could send us an email email if you place a banner on your website.










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